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Tax Services

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Tax preparation is so much more than filling out forms. It is a chance to find a business partner who can help you throughout the year to optimize your tax savings, and business stategies. 

Beyond our  expert credentials, tax-specific certifications, 90 years  combined of tax experience each of us have experience owning our own businesses, facing the decisions in those businesses regarding purchases, health insurance, retirement, and more. We are the best partner because we have been in your shoes and still are.

Individual Income Tax Preparation

With 1 Enrolled Agent, and 3 Tax Preparers we have the staff and expertise to handle even the most complex of Individual Returns. We specialize in Schedule C and Schedule F type returns, but handle everything. 

Tax Planning

Our value lies in what we can do for you ahead of time. Whether it is tax projections, entity selection assistance, pay package advisory, trust and estate planning, or a more complex issue, we really shine ahead of time. This is the area where we can save our clients the most money, and save the most stress.

Partnership Tax Preparation

We can handle your partnership return Form 1065, and get all of your K1's mailed out for you. Our 3 Tax Preparers are experienced and can help you track your inside and outside basis, send out 1099s for you and more.

Tax Resolution

We offer Tax Resolution Services to clean up any issues you have with the IRS. With Enrolled Agent credentials to represent you we can take the lead in getting you back on track. We will work hard for you, so you can get your issue resolved, and your financial life back on track.

Corporate Tax Preparation

Whether your Corporation is a pass through S Corporation or a C Corporation we can handle your entity filings. We offer client write-up services as an add-on if you need that compiled. 

Technology Forward

We are proud of our technology offerings to enhance your tax experience. We offer digital access/upload of your tax returns and documents through our secure customer portal. We also offer IRS-approved e-signature through Citrix RightSignature.


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