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About Us

Montana Owned since 1933

Founded in 1933 by John Swanson, JA Swanson Agency has been in the Swanson family for four generations. Since the very first day we have served multiple needs of our clients, with real estate and insurance. Today we have grown to a staff of 12 and handle accounting, insurance, land management, payroll, tax preparation and more. 


Why choose us?

The staff of JA Swanson Agency understand the needs of Agriculture, Small Business, Family, and Community. We understand because we have the experience being involved in our own endeavors. From an Outfitting and Guiding business, to Farm and Ranch Businesses, to our own Small Business, to raising kids, volunteering for community organizations. We know because we are involved. If you want a team with the experience in the industry, and in the real world look no further. 

Meet The Team

Our Memberships

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